You have found your way to the Dumont projects.

There are several Parallel Dumont and Dumont-related projects underway:

A newsgroup server is now available.

NNTP reader access: nntp.showoff-db.org port 119

WEB interface: http://newsgroup.showoff-db.org/

Project Name
The Dumont DLL
The Dumont DLL is designed to improve the vbScripting interface for the Commence database.  This is "Phase-I" of the Dumont effort.
docs download
The Dumont EXE
The Dumont EXE is designed to improve the entire Commence experience by offering vbScript enhancements, and GUI subclassing enhancements as well.  This is "Phase-II" of the Dumont effort.
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The Dumont API
The Dumont API is a direct-C++ implementation library for the Dumont projects.  It is the culmination of the DLL/EXE projects combined.
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The Dumont CDE The Dumont CDE is a simple Script Editor for the Commence database. no docs download
The guidgen.exe project is designed to offer an open-source improvement to the Windows classic guidgen.exe program.
docs no download
SimpleCOM is a tutorial and demonstration of how to COM enable a Qt application.  Its techniques are used in the Dumont projects.
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Dynamic Pick Lists
This is a demo-application that shows how to implement dynamic Connection pick lists in your forms.  (right-click to download: DynamicPickLists.xfr)
no docs