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#include <sqldriverdumont.h>

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Protected Member Functions

QVariant data (int index)
 Result Data.
virtual QSqlRecord record () const
 Return Result Record.
virtual bool reset (const QString &query)
 Reset the Result Set.

Private Attributes

int qrsIndex
 Query Rowset Index Position.
int qrsLength
 Query Rowset Length.
int qrsStart
 Query Rowset Start Position.

Detailed Description

Commence SQL Result.

This is the query result set for the Commence driver.

Definition at line 204 of file sqldriverdumont.h.

Member Function Documentation

QVariant data ( int  index  )  [protected]

Result Data.

Data Fetch.

This returns the data at the specified column index from the current row. Note that column zero is .always. the THID column in this result set.

This will fetch the data from the query row set (qrs). Note that the THID columns must always be the first column. We get the THID by making a special call to get the RowID. All the other column indexes must be offset to accomodate this phantom column.

Definition at line 626 of file sqldriverdumont.cpp.

QSqlRecord record (  )  const [protected, virtual]

Return Result Record.

This returns a formatted QSqlRecord object based upon the table definition of this result object. It keeps a local cached copy of the record object for subsequent queries.

Definition at line 1373 of file sqldriverdumont.cpp.

bool reset ( const QString &  query  )  [protected, virtual]

Reset the Result Set.

This function sets up the result set to perform the various query operations on the datasource. Note that the query statements that arrive here are not necessarily SQL query compatible statements (right now, though they may need to be)

This query specifies the THID as a column. This is somewhat confusing because the THID is .not. a column and must be acquired from the rowset through another means other than accessing things through the getRowValue function calls. The result is the column numbers must be adjusted for when reading out of the rowsets and writing to the rowsets.

Definition at line 813 of file sqldriverdumont.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int qrsIndex [private]

Query Rowset Index Position.

The Index position is the position that the data() function points to.

Definition at line 316 of file sqldriverdumont.h.

int qrsLength [private]

Query Rowset Length.

The Rowset Length is usually the block size until the query reaches the end of the set. At the end of the set then the length will be whatever number of rows are remaining.

Definition at line 307 of file sqldriverdumont.h.

int qrsStart [private]

Query Rowset Start Position.

The Query rows are broken up into blocks of rows. The start position will always be a factor of that block size.

Definition at line 297 of file sqldriverdumont.h.

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