DumontDLL - Dumont Uses Multitudes Of Nifty Techniques

Dumont: a small DLL designed to extend the programming capabilities of the Commence database API.

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The DumontDLL is a vbScript-loadable module that has an API that closely resembles the Commence API. Dumont strives to reproduce the Commence API in its entirety both logically and functionally and add functionality without changing the regular API of Commence. This allows the programmer to "swap-in" Dumont with very few changes to his code. Then, instead of referring to Commence API objects directly, such as Form.Field(), the programmer can refer to the same Commence field through the Dumont field wrapper as dfrm.Field(). The Dumont field is identical to the Commence field but with increased functionality.

Alright, fine! Dumont Uses Multitides of Nifty Techniques a silly name. But, it's kind-of a tradition in the open-source software community (of which Dumont is a part) to use a recursive name in the naming of your product. Here is an exerpt from the http://www.gnu.org/gnu/gnu-linux-faq.html regarding this practice:

Product Recursive Names
The first such recursive acronym was TINT, "TINT Is Not TECO". The author of TINT wrote another implementation of TECO (there were already many of them, for various systems), but instead of calling it by a dull name like "somethingorother TECO", he thought of a clever amusing name. (That's what hacking means: playful cleverness.) Other hackers enjoyed that name so much that we imitated the approach. It became a tradition that, when you were writing from scratch a program that was similar to some existing program (let's imagine its name was "Klever"'), you could give it a recursive acronym name, such as "MINK" for "MINK Is Not Klever." In this same spirit we called our replacement for Unix "GNU's Not Unix".
Actually the name Dumont was inspired by the Walt Disney movie 'Tron'. Dumont was a character in that movie that was responsible for letting everything inside the computer communicate with the outside world. The DumontDLL strives to fulfil this same purpose... to allow everything inside the Commence database to communicate (more better) with the outside world. It's a cool movie, with Jeff Bridges, you should see it!

Anyhow, read on, Montigue. Much more inside!


Introduction to Dumont

Installation, Setup and Deployment

Scripting Include Functionality

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Dumont Object API Reference

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Dumont Selective Syncing and Permission Control

Dumont Revision History

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