Change Log Engine

The 'Change Log Engine' is a built-in mechanism designed to provide automatic item change logging services to the forms and row-set objects. It is designed to record field and connection values onEnter and onLeave so that if the fields are modified during run, their pre- and post- values can be recorded to a log-file somewhere. Also, each item that is edited can be stamped with change-log information to help facilitate rapid scanning of modified records through-out the day.

The change log requires a category set aside for writing the change log events to.

 ChangeLog Category Definition
 Name:          Change Log
 Clarify Field: none
 Seperator:     " - "
 Index 1:       SourceID
 Index 2:       none
 Duplicates:    No

  Type         Name            Note
  Name       ' changeLogKey  ' REQUIRED
  Text(40)   ' SourceID      ' REQUIRED
  Text Memo  ' Log           ' REQUIRED
  Date       ' Date          ' optional
  Time       ' Time          ' optional
  Connection ' by Employee   ' optional

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Author: Mark Petryk
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