Database Design Suggestions

The following is a list of recommended database design suggestions. This list is compiled from years of developer suggestions and best-practices. Dumont also assumes that you'll be employing some of these practices in your database. While Dumont can be programmed with flexibility to adapt to your database design, there are some components that are hard-coded. Following these conventions will make Dumont easier to integrate into your application.

Category Definition Conventions

All categories will have a 'Name' field, but, depending on the Category and its purpose within your system, there are a couple other fields that are useful to have, as well as a few setup conventions that should be followed.

Person Category Definition
  Type        Name            Note
  Name      ' personKey     ' REQUIRED
  Text      ' personCfy     ' Clarify Field
  Memo      ' personVar     ' Var Field
Company Category Definition
  Type        Name            Note
  Name      ' companyKey    ' REQUIRED
  Text      ' companyCfy    ' Clarify Field
  Memo      ' companyVar    ' Var Field
Calendar Category Definition
  Type        Name            Note
  Name      ' calendarKey   ' REQUIRED
  Text      ' calendarCfy   ' Clarify Field
  Memo      ' calendarVar   ' Var Field
By setting up the category field names as shown above, Dumont can provide access to these fields more conveniently.

Wherever possible, "Allow Duplicates" should be set to "No" on any category that can tolerate it. If that's not possible, then the category should employ the use of a Clarify field to aid the system in item management.

The significance in the naming convention used above is best noted when you begin to use drag-and-drop between the Person/Company categories and the Calendar category. The definition of drag-and-drop between categories says that any fields between to different categories that are named the same are copied from the source category to the drag-destination category. This is seriously problemmatic if the Clarify and Var fields are named identically between two categories. Furthermore, having the field names for these three fields makes them easy to remember.

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