Database Variable Settings

The Dumont QCommenceDatabase object contains a series of methods for reading and writing local and global variables. These variables are stored in a series of locations depending on what data was requested.

vbScript Example:
 dim ddll: set ddll = createObject("DumontDLL")
 dim dfrm: set dfrm = ddll.Form(Form)

 dim gv: gv = dfrm.DB.globalVar( "autoLock"       ) ' read from Category.Dumont-> dumontGlobal.ini
 dim uv: uv = dfrm.DB.userVar  ( "videoMode"      ) ' read from Category.Dumont-> dumontUSR.ini
 dim lv: lv = dfrm.DB.localVar ( "dumontCategory" ) ' read from dbPath/dumont.ini file
 dim tv: tv = dfrm.DB.tempVar  ( "runingTemp"     ) ' read from memory (temp) var
 dim dv: dv = dfrm.DB.dumVar   ( "settingX"       ) ' read ordered-rule variable
The Dumont Var manager is a tool for manipulating both local and global variables. These variables are either temporary or permanent depending on which call is used.

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Author: Mark Petryk
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