Dumont Selective Syncing and Permission Control

Dumont can automatically help manage selective-syncing permissions within the database, as long as it knows about a few things about the database selective syncing implementation. For starters, it needs to know what the category name that is going to be used as the (-Me-) category. While this can be queried from the dde.request([GetPreference(Me)]) function, if the user has not properly set up the preferences then Dumont can detect the problem. Therefore, the Dumont SelectiveSync controller is driven by several entries in the dumVar() repository. Part of the requirements for the controller to function properly includes that all connection names to the meCategory be identical and unique per function. The connection names that are used between the Me category and the other categories must be consistent for the engine to work properly. Not every category is going to employ ALL of these connection specifiers, it just depends on what you're going to implement for each category. The dumVar() settings are as follows:

This dumVar() block contains all the settings for the Dumont permissions controller.
  {var name}        {var function}                                           {default}
  meCategory      = category which is the Preferences|Personal Info|Category [Employee]
  read            = name of the connection for read permission               [pRD]
  write           = name of the connection for write permission              [pWR]
  delete          = name of the connection for delete permission             [pDL]
  readWrite       = name of the connection for ReadWrite permission          [pRW]
  readWriteDelete = name of the connection for ReadWriteDelete permission    [pRWD]
This is a typical setup
  meCategory      = Employee
  read            = pRD
  write           = pWR
  delete          = pDL
  readWrite       = pRW
  readWriteDelete = pRWD
How to engage the SelectiveSync engine
If item creation is

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Author: Mark Petryk
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