GDumontDSO.c File Reference

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struct  _IID


typedef struct _IID IID
typedef IID CLSID


const IID LIBID_DumontDSO = {0x98F03717,0x1347,0x4e43,{0x81,0x33,0x9D,0x0D,0x36,0x46,0x06,0xFE}}
const IID IID_IDumontDataSet = {0x23B915FE,0xFF66,0x4576,{0xAB,0x74,0xC3,0xE3,0x0A,0x4B,0xF7,0x5D}}
const IID IID_IDumontDataSetChange = {0x28D991F0,0xB294,0x4271,{0xA0,0x2A,0x16,0x42,0xE6,0x6D,0x90,0x61}}
const IID IID_IDumontDataSetCalendar = {0x4F9561E7,0xDC99,0x4361,{0xB7,0x21,0xB8,0xC5,0x89,0x7C,0xF0,0x93}}
const IID IID_IDumontDSO = {0x048F5841,0x064C,0x4d18,{0x91,0x34,0x0F,0xB4,0x22,0xDC,0x07,0xA5}}
const CLSID CLSID_DumontDSO = {0x2A4D32AF,0x143E,0x431f,{0xBE,0xC8,0x5F,0x77,0x98,0xC1,0xF3,0x02}}

Typedef Documentation

typedef IID CLSID

Definition at line 35 of file GDumontDSO.c.

typedef struct _IID IID

Variable Documentation

const CLSID CLSID_DumontDSO = {0x2A4D32AF,0x143E,0x431f,{0xBE,0xC8,0x5F,0x77,0x98,0xC1,0xF3,0x02}}

Definition at line 53 of file GDumontDSO.c.

const IID IID_IDumontDataSet = {0x23B915FE,0xFF66,0x4576,{0xAB,0x74,0xC3,0xE3,0x0A,0x4B,0xF7,0x5D}}

Definition at line 41 of file GDumontDSO.c.

const IID IID_IDumontDataSetCalendar = {0x4F9561E7,0xDC99,0x4361,{0xB7,0x21,0xB8,0xC5,0x89,0x7C,0xF0,0x93}}

Definition at line 47 of file GDumontDSO.c.

const IID IID_IDumontDataSetChange = {0x28D991F0,0xB294,0x4271,{0xA0,0x2A,0x16,0x42,0xE6,0x6D,0x90,0x61}}

Definition at line 44 of file GDumontDSO.c.

const IID IID_IDumontDSO = {0x048F5841,0x064C,0x4d18,{0x91,0x34,0x0F,0xB4,0x22,0xDC,0x07,0xA5}}

Definition at line 50 of file GDumontDSO.c.

const IID LIBID_DumontDSO = {0x98F03717,0x1347,0x4e43,{0x81,0x33,0x9D,0x0D,0x36,0x46,0x06,0xFE}}

Definition at line 38 of file GDumontDSO.c.

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