How to use the Multidate Engine

This document describes the steps necessary to integrate the multidate functionality into your Commence calendars.

Add a Dumont item to Map the Calendar.

Commence Item ''
 ; The following field maps relate to the Calendar category.  The
 ;  designations and directives in this file allow the custom
 ;  form type QCommenceCalendarForm to have controlled access to
 ;  the special features and unique properties of Calendar items.
 ; These fields are mandatory for basic processing of calendar items.
 ;  Although Commence does not use 'end dates' per-se, Dumont does,
 ;  and therefore needs to be informed of the end-date field
 ;  designation.
 dateStart=Date Start
 dateEnd=Date End
 timeStart=Time Start
 timeEnd=Time End
 ; Time Zone Fields (optional)
 ; The field 'inTimeZone' is a connection field designation and should
 ;  the format: "(name) -> (categoryName)"
 ;  Example:    "in -> Time Zone"
 ; The 'Time Zone' category should have one field in it called
 ;  'GMT Offset' which designates the numbers of hours from the
 ;  GMT time zone.  With this information Dumont can calculate
 ;  the correct Time Zone field settings.
 ; Multi-Date field list (optional)
 ; When supporting multi-dates, calendar items will be duplicated.
 ;  All fields get copied from one multi-date item to all other
 ;  multi-date items.  That is, of course, except for the actual
 ;  date and a few other particular internal fields.
 ; The following lists indicate which additional fields and
 ;  connections need to be copied between multi-date items.
 multiDateConnectionList=Attendee crm.Person,pD sy.User,pR sy.User,pW sy.User
Code to Launch Multidate Dialog
 ' Call this routine from a button-press to open the
 '  multidate dialog.
 Sub DoMultidate
   dim mdd
       mdd = dfrm.MultiDateDialogExec(_
         dfrm.varField.var("mdd"), _
         dfrm.Field("Date Start").value)
 End Sub

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Author: Mark Petryk
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