Property Sub-System

The property sub-system is a component feature that is built-in to all the dumont objects. It allows the programmer to store an arbitrary set of values with any object and retrieve them as needed. The values take the form of a name=value pair. The values stored in the property sub-system are not stored permanently, but only exist for the life-time of the object.

Take for instance the connection fields. These fields have the ability of of accepting a filter keyword for programmatically filtering the connection views. The QCommenceConnection object automatically stores the filter keyword in a property value when it is set. This allows the current filter keyword to be recalled easily.

See the following example:

 dim ddll: set ddll = createObject("DumontDLL")
 dim dfrm: set dfrm = ddll.form(form)
 dim oxIM: set oxIM = dfrm.connection("has Instant Message")

 oxIM.setFilterKeyword "DynoFilter", "Messages For Me", 0

 msgbox "The FilterKeyword is " &"DynoFilter")

 oxIM.setProperty "TempValue", "this is a temporary value"

The property sub-system is especially handy for storing values within the DumontDLL itself. This allows values to remain persistent between form instances.

See the following example:

 dim ddll: set ddll = createObject("DumontDLL")

 ddll.setProperty "TempValue", "this temporary value will persist after this form closes"
 ddll.setProperty "LastForm",

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