QCocCommenceCursor Class Reference

#include <QCoCommence.h>

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Public Types

enum  DispatchIDs {
  did_Category = 0x01, did_RowCount = 0x02, did_ColumnCount = 0x03, did_Shared = 0x04,
  did_MaxFieldSize = 0x05, did_MaxRows = 0x06, did_SetFilter = 0x14, did_SetLogic = 0x15,
  did_SetSort = 0x16, did_SetColumn = 0x17, did_SeekRow = 0x18, did_SeekRowApprox = 0x19,
  did_GetQueryRowSet = 0x1A, did_GetQueryRowSetByID = 0x1B, did_GetAddRowSet = 0x1C, did_GetEditRowSet = 0x1D,
  did_GetEditRowSetByID = 0x1E, did_GetDeleteRowSet = 0x1F, did_GetDeleteRowSetByID = 0x20, did_SetActiveItem = 0x21,
  did_SetActiveDate = 0x22, did_SetActiveDateRange = 0x23, did_SetRelatedColumn = 0x24

Public Member Functions

 QCocCommenceCursor (IUnknown *v_pUnknown, QObject *parent=0)
virtual ~QCocCommenceCursor ()
virtual QString category (void)
virtual long rowCount (void)
virtual long columnCount (void)
virtual bool shared (void)
virtual long maxFieldSize (void)
virtual long maxRows (void)
virtual bool setFilter (QString v_filter, long v_flags)
virtual bool setLogic (QString v_logic, long v_flags)
virtual bool setSort (QString v_sort, long v_flags)
virtual long seekRow (long v_origin, long v_rows)
virtual long seekRowApprox (long v_numerator, long v_denominator)
virtual bool setColumn (long v_column, QString v_name, long v_flags)
virtual QCocCommenceQueryRowSetgetQueryRowSet (long v_count, long v_flags)
virtual QCocCommenceQueryRowSetgetQueryRowSetByID (QString v_rowID, long v_flags)
virtual QCocCommenceAddRowSetgetAddRowSet (long v_count, long v_flags)
virtual QCocCommenceEditRowSetgetEditRowSet (long v_count, long v_flags)
virtual QCocCommenceEditRowSetgetEditRowSetByID (QString v_rowID, long v_flags)
virtual QCocCommenceDeleteRowSetgetDeleteRowSet (long v_count, long v_flags)
virtual QCocCommenceDeleteRowSetgetDeleteRowSetByID (QString v_rowID, long v_flags)
virtual bool setActiveItem (QString v_categoryName, QString v_rowID, long flags)
virtual bool setActiveDate (QString v_date, long flags)
virtual bool setActiveDateRange (QString v_startDate, QString v_endDate, long flags)
virtual bool setRelatedColumn (long v_column, QString v_connName, QString v_catName, QString v_name, long v_flags)

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool set (DISPID v_dispid, QString v_setVar, long v_flags)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 531 of file QCoCommence.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 541 of file QCoCommence.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QCocCommenceCursor::QCocCommenceCursor ( IUnknown *  v_pUnknown,
QObject *  parent = 0 

Definition at line 1610 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QCocCommenceCursor::~QCocCommenceCursor (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 1619 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

QString QCocCommenceCursor::category ( void   )  [virtual]

Definition at line 1624 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

long QCocCommenceCursor::columnCount ( void   )  [virtual]

Definition at line 1636 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QCocCommenceAddRowSet * QCocCommenceCursor::getAddRowSet ( long  v_count,
long  v_flags 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 2066 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QCocCommenceDeleteRowSet * QCocCommenceCursor::getDeleteRowSet ( long  v_count,
long  v_flags 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 2264 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QCocCommenceDeleteRowSet * QCocCommenceCursor::getDeleteRowSetByID ( QString  v_rowID,
long  v_flags 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 2328 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QCocCommenceEditRowSet * QCocCommenceCursor::getEditRowSet ( long  v_count,
long  v_flags 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 2130 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QCocCommenceEditRowSet * QCocCommenceCursor::getEditRowSetByID ( QString  v_rowID,
long  v_flags 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 2195 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QCocCommenceQueryRowSet * QCocCommenceCursor::getQueryRowSet ( long  v_count,
long  v_flags 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 1933 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QCocCommenceQueryRowSet * QCocCommenceCursor::getQueryRowSetByID ( QString  v_rowID,
long  v_flags 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 1997 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

long QCocCommenceCursor::maxFieldSize ( void   )  [virtual]

Definition at line 1648 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

long QCocCommenceCursor::maxRows ( void   )  [virtual]

Definition at line 1654 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

long QCocCommenceCursor::rowCount ( void   )  [virtual]

Definition at line 1630 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

long QCocCommenceCursor::seekRow ( long  v_origin,
long  v_rows 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 1757 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

long QCocCommenceCursor::seekRowApprox ( long  v_numerator,
long  v_denominator 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 1814 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

bool QCocCommenceCursor::set ( DISPID  v_dispid,
QString  v_setVar,
long  v_flags 
) [protected, virtual]

Definition at line 1661 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

bool QCocCommenceCursor::setActiveDate ( QString  v_date,
long  flags 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 2460 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

bool QCocCommenceCursor::setActiveDateRange ( QString  v_startDate,
QString  v_endDate,
long  flags 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 2518 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

bool QCocCommenceCursor::setActiveItem ( QString  v_categoryName,
QString  v_rowID,
long  flags 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 2398 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

bool QCocCommenceCursor::setColumn ( long  v_column,
QString  v_name,
long  v_flags 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 1867 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

bool QCocCommenceCursor::setFilter ( QString  v_filter,
long  v_flags 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 1724 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

bool QCocCommenceCursor::setLogic ( QString  v_logic,
long  v_flags 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 1735 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

bool QCocCommenceCursor::setRelatedColumn ( long  v_column,
QString  v_connName,
QString  v_catName,
QString  v_name,
long  v_flags 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 2581 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

bool QCocCommenceCursor::setSort ( QString  v_sort,
long  v_flags 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 1746 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

bool QCocCommenceCursor::shared ( void   )  [virtual]

Definition at line 1642 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

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