QCocCommenceForm Class Reference

#include <QCoCommence.h>

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Public Types

enum  DispatchIDs {
  did_Name = 0x01, did_CategoryName = 0x02, did_ItemName = 0x03, did_TabName = 0x04,
  did_FieldName = 0x05, did_Application = 0x06, did_IsAdd = 0x07, did_FieldValue = 0x08,
  did_IsShared = 0x09, did_BackColor = 0x0a, did_Caption = 0x0b, did_SetShared = 0x0c,
  did_SetValue = 0x0d, did_Save = 0x0e, did_Cancel = 0x0f, did_Abort = 0x10,
  did_MoveToTab = 0x11, did_MoveToField = 0x12, did_Field = 0x13, did_Connection = 0x14,
  did_RunTime = 0x15, did_Control = 0x16

Public Member Functions

 QCocCommenceForm (QObject *i_parent=NULL, IUnknown *i_unknown=NULL)
virtual ~QCocCommenceForm ()
QString name (void)
QString categoryName (void)
QString itemName (void)
QString tabName (void)
QString fieldName (void)
IUnknown * application (void)
bool isAdd (void)
QString fieldValue (void)
bool isShared (void)
long backColor (void)
void backColor (long i_color)
QString caption (void)
void caption (QString i_caption)
void setShared (void)
void setValue (QString i_value)
void save (void)
void cancel (void)
void abort (void)
void moveToTab (QString i_tabName)
void moveToField (QString i_fieldName)
QCocCommenceFieldfield (QString i_fieldName)
QCocCommenceMultiFieldmultiField (QString i_fieldName)
QCocCommenceConnectionconnection (QString i_conName, QString i_catName, QString i_fieldName="")
IUnknown * runtime (void)
IUnknown * control (QString i_controlName)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 151 of file QCoCommence.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 159 of file QCoCommence.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QCocCommenceForm::QCocCommenceForm ( QObject *  i_parent = NULL,
IUnknown *  i_unknown = NULL 

Definition at line 248 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QCocCommenceForm::~QCocCommenceForm (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 257 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void QCocCommenceForm::abort ( void   ) 

/brief Cause the form to abort

Definition at line 332 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

IUnknown * QCocCommenceForm::application ( void   ) 

/brief Return a pointer to the Application object

Definition at line 286 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

void QCocCommenceForm::backColor ( long  i_color  ) 

/brief Set the current background color

long QCocCommenceForm::backColor ( void   ) 

/brief Return the current background color

Definition at line 306 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

void QCocCommenceForm::cancel ( void   ) 

/brief Cause the form to cancel

Definition at line 328 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

void QCocCommenceForm::caption ( QString  i_caption  ) 

/brief Set the form caption

QString QCocCommenceForm::caption ( void   ) 

/brief Return the current form caption

Definition at line 311 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QString QCocCommenceForm::categoryName ( void   ) 

/brief Return the Category name of this Form

Definition at line 266 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QCocCommenceConnection * QCocCommenceForm::connection ( QString  i_conName,
QString  i_catName,
QString  i_fieldName = "" 

/brief Get a Connection object by name

This returns a Connection object from the Form. Optionally, a "FieldName" value can be set which lock this connection in to a particular field.

Definition at line 459 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

IUnknown * QCocCommenceForm::control ( QString  i_controlName  ) 

/brief Get a Form.Control object by Name

Definition at line 536 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QCocCommenceField * QCocCommenceForm::field ( QString  i_fieldName  ) 

/brief Get a Field object by Name

Definition at line 344 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QString QCocCommenceForm::fieldName ( void   ) 

/brief Return the current field name

Definition at line 281 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QString QCocCommenceForm::fieldValue ( void   ) 

/brief Return the current field value

Definition at line 296 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

bool QCocCommenceForm::isAdd ( void   ) 

/brief Return true/false if this form is in Add Mode

Definition at line 291 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

bool QCocCommenceForm::isShared ( void   ) 

/brief Return true/false if this item is shared

Definition at line 301 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QString QCocCommenceForm::itemName ( void   ) 

/brief Return the Item Name text value

Definition at line 271 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

void QCocCommenceForm::moveToField ( QString  i_fieldName  ) 

/brief Move to the requested Field name

Definition at line 340 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

void QCocCommenceForm::moveToTab ( QString  i_tabName  ) 

/brief Move to the requested Tab name

Definition at line 336 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QCocCommenceMultiField * QCocCommenceForm::multiField ( QString  i_fieldName  ) 

/brief Get a MultiField object by Name

Definition at line 399 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QString QCocCommenceForm::name ( void   ) 

Definition at line 261 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

IUnknown * QCocCommenceForm::runtime ( void   ) 

/brief Get the Form.Runtime object

Definition at line 531 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

void QCocCommenceForm::save ( void   ) 

/brief Cause the form to Save

Definition at line 324 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

void QCocCommenceForm::setShared ( void   ) 

/brief Set the shared flag on the form

Definition at line 316 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

void QCocCommenceForm::setValue ( QString  i_value  ) 

/brief Set the value of the currently selected field.

Definition at line 320 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

QString QCocCommenceForm::tabName ( void   ) 

/brief Return the current Tab name

Definition at line 276 of file QCoCommence.cpp.

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