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Dumont DataSet Change object interface. More...

import "IDumontDSO.idl";

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HRESULT _stdcall test (void)
 Internal Test Function.

Detailed Description

Dumont DataSet Change object interface.

This is the interface to the IDumontDataSetChange object. This interface adds functionality to the standard IDumontDataSet object by intercepting a few of the methods and causing "changedOn" information to be included in the catNameVar field. All of the methods and properties that are available from IDumontDataSet are also available in IDumontDataSetChange.

To invoke the use of DataSetChange functionality all the programmer has to do is acquire an interface to the category using the following code:

 dim dumSDK: set dumSDK = createObject("DumontSDK.DSO")
 dim calDS:  set calDS  = dumSDK.DataSetChange("Calendar")

After a DataSet object interface is acquired in this manner as the rows are manipulated, any changes to the data will cause the createdOn, changedOn varField values to be manipulated automatically. This has the effect of time/date/who stamping of individual items as they are manipulated.

The algorithm for applying these changes is as follows:

  if( isDirty() )
    if( isAdd() )
      QCosDumontDataSet::fv("cmcID","nothing"); // post-agent assigns this ID
      QCosDumontDataSet::vt("createdOn", packDateTime(QDateTime::currentDateTime()));
      QCosDumontDataSet::vt("createdBy", meid() );
    QCosDumontDataSet::vt("changedOn", packDateTime(QDateTime::currentDateTime()));
    QCosDumontDataSet::vt("changedBy", meid() );

This results in the following (typical) codes to be placed in the category's Var field.


At the time of this writing in order to get the

Definition at line 712 of file IDumontDSO.idl.

Member Function Documentation

HRESULT _stdcall DumontDSO::IDumontDataSetChange::test ( void   ) 

Internal Test Function.

This is a test function for internal testing purposes only. It should NOT be used.

Implements DumontDSO::IDumontDataSet.

Implemented in DumontDSO::IDumontDataSetCalendar.

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