FormOA::_DFormOAEvents Interface Reference

import "ICommence.idl";

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void OnLoad (void)
void OnSave (void)
void OnCancel (void)
void OnEnterTab (BSTR Tab)
void OnLeaveTab (BSTR Tab)
void OnEnterField (BSTR Field)
void OnLeaveField (BSTR Field)
void OnEnterControl (BSTR ControlID)
void OnLeaveControl (BSTR ControlID)
void OnClick (BSTR ControlID)
void OnChange (BSTR ControlID)
void OnKeyPress (BSTR ControlID, int KeyAscii)
void OnActiveXControlEvent (BSTR ControlName, BSTR EventName, SAFEARRAY(VARIANT) ParameterArr)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 108 of file ICommence.idl.

Member Function Documentation

void FormOA::_DFormOAEvents::OnActiveXControlEvent ( BSTR  ControlName,
BSTR  EventName,

void FormOA::_DFormOAEvents::OnCancel ( void   ) 

void FormOA::_DFormOAEvents::OnChange ( BSTR  ControlID  ) 

void FormOA::_DFormOAEvents::OnClick ( BSTR  ControlID  ) 

void FormOA::_DFormOAEvents::OnEnterControl ( BSTR  ControlID  ) 

void FormOA::_DFormOAEvents::OnEnterField ( BSTR  Field  ) 

void FormOA::_DFormOAEvents::OnEnterTab ( BSTR  Tab  ) 

void FormOA::_DFormOAEvents::OnKeyPress ( BSTR  ControlID,
int  KeyAscii 

void FormOA::_DFormOAEvents::OnLeaveControl ( BSTR  ControlID  ) 

void FormOA::_DFormOAEvents::OnLeaveField ( BSTR  Field  ) 

void FormOA::_DFormOAEvents::OnLeaveTab ( BSTR  Tab  ) 

void FormOA::_DFormOAEvents::OnLoad ( void   ) 

void FormOA::_DFormOAEvents::OnSave ( void   ) 

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