util.cpp File Reference

#include "version.h"
#include <QDebug>
#include <objbase.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include <QTextEdit>
#include <QUuid>
#include <QUrl>
#include "util.h"

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namespace  dumont


QString dumont::dq (QString v_string)
QString dumont::prependZero (QString i_string, int i_count)
QString dumont::var (QString v_var, QString v_fld)
 Get a var Value.
QString dumont::var (QString v_var, QString v_fld, QString v_val)
 Set a var value.
QString dumont::delVar (QString v_var, QString v_fld)
 Delete a var.
QString dumont::packDate (QDate i_date)
QString dumont::packTime (QTime i_time)
QString dumont::packDateTime (QDateTime i_dateTime)
 Pack the Date/Time.
QString dumont::packDateTime (QDate i_date, QTime i_time)
QString dumont::unpackDateTime (QString i_packedDateTime)
QString dumont::guid (void)
QString dumont::formatText (QString i_preText, QString i_text, QString i_postText)
QString dumont::formatOLtext (QString i_text)
QString dumont::formatOLdate (QDateTime i_dateTimeIn)
QString dumont::formatOLdate (QDate i_dateIn)
QString dumont::formatOLurl (QString i_filePath)
QString dumont::formatOLics (QString i_organizerEmail, QString i_summary, QDateTime i_dateStart, QDateTime i_dateEnd, QString i_location, QString i_uid, QString i_desc)
QString dumont::fixCase (QString i_value)
QString dumont::fixPhone (QString i_value)
bool dumont::phoneTooShort (void)
static void dumont::output (const char *sz)
void dumont::Trout (QString v_leader, QString v_file, QString v_line, QString v_msg)
 Format a message for the output window.
void dumont::Trout (QString v_leader, QString v_file, int v_line, QString v_msg)
 Format a message with numeric line number for the output window.
void dumont::Trin (QString v_file, int v_line, QString v_msg)
 TraceOn function - mark the beginning of a function.
void dumont::Trac (QString v_file, int v_line, QString v_msg)
void dumont::Trac (QString v_file, QString v_line, QString v_msg)
void dumont::Trot (QString v_file, int v_line, QString v_msg)
void dumont::ErrorMessage (HRESULT hr)
QString dumont::vbString (QString i_string)
void dumont::dumpString (const QString &i_string)
 Dump a string binary to debug.


QString vbCr
QString vbLf
QString vbCrLf
QString vbLfCr
QString vbCrCr
QString vbLfLf
QString vbCrCrLf
static bool dumont::m_phoneTooShort
int dumont::m_tracDepth = 0
 Run-time trace depth.
int dumont::m_tracLevel = 0
 Requested Trace Level (higher value == more messages).
QTextEdit * dumont::m_tracWin = NULL
 Message Output Window.

Variable Documentation

QString vbCr

Definition at line 53 of file QCommenceDB.cpp.

QString vbCrCr

Definition at line 57 of file QCommenceDB.cpp.

QString vbCrCrLf

Definition at line 59 of file QCommenceDB.cpp.

QString vbCrLf

Definition at line 55 of file QCommenceDB.cpp.

QString vbLf

Definition at line 54 of file QCommenceDB.cpp.

QString vbLfCr

Definition at line 56 of file QCommenceDB.cpp.

QString vbLfLf

Definition at line 58 of file QCommenceDB.cpp.

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