DumontEXE 0.0.1
CDA Readyness

The status of 'cdaReady' represents a status of a database that has been properly set up for Dumont/CDA extensions. This means that this is an application that contains a category entitled, exactly, "~cda". This tilde is set in front of the category name to distinguish it from other category names - to distinguish it as a special system category. The three letters "cda" mean, obviously, cmcDatabaseApi.

When this category exists, there must be, secondly, a detail form called, exactly "~cda". What this form is for is storage of the Dumont/CDA extensions.

The Dumont/CDA extensions are exported to an xml file on save. The xml file is then compressed into an Ascii MIME format. Using the Check-in Form Script procedure, this extended definition compressed encoded xml file is checked-in to the special ~cda detail form. The detail form script region is, therefore, used as the transport for this definition file. As clients start up around the workgroup they receive this updated detail form, extract the xml content from form and use it within their copy of the application.

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