DumontEXE 0.0.1
Dumont Revision History - Jan 12, 2011
Upgrades to MeInfo abbreviation handling. Removed dependency on fixed fields. - Dec 1st, 2010
Intermediate update. - Nov 8th, 2010
Added cmcActiveViewInfo.query function to facilitate the dynamic refreshing of the active view information. - Oct 6th, 2010
Recompiled entire application in latest Qt version. Fixed a QString ambiguation error in one of the source files. Fixed an issue with the var functions that was causing them to not process the var values reliably. - Dec 26th, 2009
Recompiled entire application in latest Qt version. - Aug 6, 2009
Fixed bug in PrependZero. It was getting locked up in an infinite loop when the input string was more than 1 character short of the requested length. - Jul 29, 2009
Added openFileDialog to the DumontEXE object. - Jul 16, 2009 - cmcCursor.filter patch
The cmcCursor.filter code was not properly logging the additional filter clauses when the full syntax was used. - Jan 6, 2009 - bug fix on cmcItem -> connection
The Item-> Connection implementation still was not running right. The purpose of applying a clarified filter to the connection was to do so *if* the parentItem() on the connection allowed duplicates, not the items cursor itself. This is confusing, but since we are looking back at the parent item, and trying to establish a filter back to it, if the parent item allows duplicates then we need to apply a clarification to that filter in order for this list to be populated properly. - Dec 22, 2008 - improved cmcItem-> connection
The Item-> Connection implementation was not returning a properly filtered cmcItems collection when the parent category allowes duplicates. Changed the filter in the constructor to use a clarify field when one is available when the category allows duplicates. For instance, say you are on a calendar item, and your calendar items allow duplicates (a common case). Now you want to pull the calendar item -> con attendee. The category 'People' who are the attendees on this calendar item does not allow duplicates. However, we're performing a reverse lookup, meaning, we're looking back at the Calendar from Person, and Calendar allows duplicates. Therefore, when applying the filter to the Attendees connection, from Person, we must filter through the primary key field and the clarify field as well... assuming the Calendar category has a clarify field. If it doesn't then another method must be chosen. - Sep 9, 2008 - addeded 'appendString'
Added a function cmcObject::appendString to help with formatting strings in vbScript. - May 1, 2008 - assignConnection fix
Fixed a syntax issue on the cmcConversation::assignConnection function call to properly terminate the dde string. - Mar 9th, 2008 - Improved some error reporting
Enhanced the cmcCursor object to encode errors, rather than just dump them to the trace window. This allows an application to better query for an error message on a failure like on setting filters. - Feb 12th, 2008 - Added Cursor Sort
Added the code for the cmcCursor::setSort function. Added a cmcObject::trace() function. Added some alias cmcCursor::getRowSetByTHID functions. - Feb 12th, 2008 - First Alpha Release
This version is basically functional, though much of the cmcDatabaseApi is missing from the standpoint of what's available in the DumontDLL project. This version does have a new QxtLoggerWindow component which is available from the DumontEXE. The Logger window allows a vbScript program to create a named logger instance, and refer to it throughout its lifetime. Even after the vbScript program terminates, the Logger Window and its contents remain static. The Logger window can be saved and cleared and so on. - Dec 1st, 2007 - base version
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