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cmcCda Class Reference

Commence Database API. More...

#include <cmcCda.h>

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Public Slots

virtual QString objName ()
 CDA basename.
virtual bool ready ()
 Cmc Database Api Ready.
virtual QString version ()
 CommenceDatabaseApi version reference.

Public Member Functions

cmcApplicationapp ()
 Return the Commence application object

Private Attributes

bool m_cdaReadyChecked
 Cache if the CDA is ready.
QPointer< QSettings > m_ini
 Reference to .ini object.

Detailed Description

Commence Database API.

Definition at line 43 of file cmcCda.h.

Member Function Documentation

cmcApplication * app ( void  ) [virtual]

Return the Commence application object

Every object references a single application object. The application object provides access to the database object, conversation object, cursors and rowsets and so on.

Reimplemented from cmcObject.

Definition at line 75 of file cmcCda.cpp.

QString objName ( ) [virtual, slot]

CDA basename.

This returns the base name of the CDA subsystem. This usually defaults to "~cda"

Definition at line 177 of file cmcCda.cpp.

bool ready ( ) [virtual, slot]

Cmc Database Api Ready.

This function indicates true/false if the application is CommenceDatabaseApi ready. What this means, is; is there a category within this application called "~cda" which is designated as the cateogory for all Database Api activity, and does that category also contain a form called "~cda". If these conditions are true then the API will use this category to manage the persistence of all API extended-objects.


The detail form "~cda" is a special form that is used to contain the Application Definition xml content. A detail form is used to carry this file because a Item memo field can contain only 32000 bytes of text. Often the Application Definition xml file size is much larger than 32K and cannot be stored in a memo field. Therefore, the contents of this definition file are "checked-in" to this special detail form, and then the form is automatically synced around the workgroup, causing all clients to receive the latest extended database definitions.

Definition at line 81 of file cmcCda.cpp.

QString version ( ) [virtual, slot]

CommenceDatabaseApi version reference.

This returns the specific version number associated with this instance of the Commence Database API module. The return value is a string and takes the form of major.minor.revision.build.

Definition at line 172 of file cmcCda.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

bool m_cdaReadyChecked [private]

Cache if the CDA is ready.

Definition at line 145 of file cmcCda.h.

QPointer<QSettings> m_ini [private]

Reference to .ini object.

Definition at line 152 of file cmcCda.h.

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