DumontEXE 0.0.1
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Member cmcObjects::get (const QString &name)
This function searches, first, the object names to find a match for an item. If an item could not be found, then it searches for an item by its alias name. This, however, is a problem, because upon requesting the alias name, some of the xml code starts to run. The problem with this is, this xml code is running before we have the object document fully initialized. Therefore, we have split the search for the object name vs the alias name up into two separate searches. This way, when the object is first initializing we can pretty much count on that we are going to request an item NOT by its alias name, and that this request is going to come at the point of object initialization. This is safe. The object gets constructed, the document gets loaded, and the world is fine. After the object is loaded then regular alias searches can proceed without any trouble. Ideally, however, we would prefer that the xml system didn't suffer from this sort of anomoly, since we're really not sure why its a problem to request dom stuff before the document is loaded. It might be because we are caching dom elements and then ruining the cached items by reloading the document. Need to work on this. It is probably going to cause a problem in the system when dumont is used on an application that is not CDA Readyness.

Member cmcObjects::indexOf (const QString &name)
There are some problems with this indexOf function. It is scanning children() for items, and returning index values of them, but all of the children might not be loaded yet. They really need to get loaded. The objects collection really needs to be upgraded to a dynamic-cache sort of operation.
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