DumontEXE 0.0.1
DumontEXE Member List
This is the complete list of members for DumontEXE, including all inherited members.
app(IDispatch *dispatch)DumontEXE [slot]
appendTextFile(const QString &fileName, const QString &data)DumontEXE [slot]
application(const QString &databaseName)DumontEXE [slot]
applications()DumontEXE [slot]
compress(const QString &data, int level=-1)DumontEXE [slot]
crc16(const QString &data)DumontEXE [slot]
crc32(const QString &data)DumontEXE [slot]
critical(const QString &msg="")DumontEXE [slot]
dateTimeStamp(long length)DumontEXE [slot]
dateTimeStamp(const QDateTime &dateTime=QDateTime::currentDateTime(), long length=14)DumontEXE [slot]
debugClear()DumontEXE [slot]
defGuid enum valueDumontEXE
dq(const QString &string)DumontEXE [slot]
DumontObject(const DumontObject &copy)DumontObject
DumontObject(QObject *parent=NULL)DumontObject
fatal(const QString &msg="")DumontEXE [slot]
fileOpenDialog(const QString &caption, const QString &dir, const QString &filter="")DumontEXE [slot]
form(IDispatch *dispatch)DumontEXE [slot]
guid(long format=registryGuid, bool ucase=false)DumontEXE [slot]
GuidFormats enum nameDumontEXE
headerProtectGuid enum valueDumontEXE
log()DumontEXE [slot]
logWindow(const QString &name="Log Window", bool show=false, bool clear=false, long x=-1, long y=-1, long w=-1, long h=-1)DumontEXE [slot]
mainWindow()DumontEXE [slot]
md5(const QString &data)DumontEXE [slot]
name() const DumontObject [virtual, slot]
oleCreateGuid enum valueDumontEXE
print(const QString &msg="")DumontEXE [inline, slot]
rawDataGuid enum valueDumontEXE
registryGuid enum valueDumontEXE
run(const QString program, const QString argument1="", const QString argument2="", const QString argument3="", const QString argument4="", const QString argument5="", const QString argument6="", const QString argument7="", const QString argument8="")DumontEXE [slot]
setName(const QString &name)DumontObject [virtual, slot]
staticGuid enum valueDumontEXE
test()DumontEXE [slot]
textFile(const QString &fileName, const QString &data)DumontEXE [slot]
version()DumontEXE [slot]
warning(const QString &msg="")DumontEXE [slot]
~DumontObject()DumontObject [virtual]
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