DumontEXE 0.0.1
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
cmcActiveViewInfoActive View Information
cmcApiCommence COM Interface
cmcApplicationCommence Application object
cmcApplicationsThis is the Commence Running Applications Table
cmcApplicationsModelApplications Model
cmcCategoryDefCategory Definition
cmcCategoryDefsCategory Definitions
cmcCategoryModelCategory Model
cmcCategoryModelItemCategory Model Item
cmcCdaCommence Database API
cmcCdaItemCommence CDA Item
cmcConnectionDefConnection Definition
cmcConnectionDefsCommence Connection Collection
cmcConversationDDE Conversation
cmcCursorCursor Object Wrapper
cmcCursorsCategory Definitions
cmcDatabaseCommence Database Object
cmcErrorCmc Error Object
cmcFieldDefField Definition
cmcFieldDefsField Def Collection
cmcFormDefForm Definition
cmcFormDefsForm Definition Collection
cmcFormFieldForm Field
cmcFormsForm Collection
cmcFormScriptForm Script
cmcItemCommence Item
cmcItemFieldForm Field
cmcItemsCommence Items
cmcMeInfo(-Me-) Information
cmcObjectCommence Base Object
cmcObjectNodeMake Reference to a Commence object
cmcObjectsCollection Manager
cmcPersistCmc Persistence Object
cmcQueueProcess Queue
cmcRowSetRowset Base Class
cmcStringListCmc StringList Object
cmcSubFieldExtended Field
cmcSyncProxySynchronization Proxy
cmcTreeModelTree Model
cmcViewDefView Definition
cmcViewDefsForm Definition Collection
DumontEXEDumont Primary Application Interface object
DumontFactoryCOM Interface class factory
DumontObjectBase Dumont object
DumontObjectsDumont Object Collection
QAxArgumentConvert a variant to a GenericArgument
QClassFactoryQt Class Factory
QxtLogLog Manager
QxtLoggerLog Manager
QxtLoggerWindowLogger Window
winDumontEXEThe Main Window is the main user interface screen for the application. It is implemented as a MIDI type window
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