The Dumont EXE download files are kept here.


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Dec 25, 2009
This is the latest compilation of all of the dumont project files, including the runtime libraries. This includes Dumont.EXE and DumontDLL.DLL
Dumont.exe Current (unstable) Version This is the current version. Sometimes it is unstable.
translation: it may blow up on you. But, usually it's working.
The latest exe is placed here when upgrading (and testing) a client.
See the revision history for changes.
call: msgbox createObject("Dumont.EXE").version to check the version Released July 29th, 2009 Base Version. Maintenance Release

Installation Instructions:

  1. Copy all the files in this zip file into a directory somewhere. My preference is C:\Commence\Dumont which is common to all users on that computer, and identical for all computers in your workgroup.

  2. Run the register.bat batch file. This registers the DumontEXE in your registry. Note that if you move the DumontEXE to a different location on your hard drive, you will have to re-register it so that Windows knows where to find it.

  3. Try some of the sample programs (below) - see if your scripts can find the exe.

  4. see: for additional installation and documentation resources.

  5. If you are upgrading the EXE to a new version, you only need to download the .exe file and not the entire zip file, and simply copy the .exe to your C:\Commence\Dumont directory. If you're fetching an 'upgrade', and the actual .exe has the version number embedded, change the name of it so that it reads 'Dumont.exe'.  The only reason I embed the version numbers is in case I have to go back to a previous version, I'd like to keep these old copies around.  Windows is expecting "Dumont.exe" and nothing else.  You *must* have Commence closed to do this upgrade, though - it's a windows thing. You do not need to re-run the register.bat file when you're fetching a new exe, but it won't hurt anything if you do.

Simple Test Script:

This script will quickly test Dumont to see if it is working. Place it in a

script file. Your desktop is fine. Fill it with the following (obviously without the line numbering):
  2:> dim dexe: set dexe = createObject("Dumont.EXE")
  4:> dexe.debug "this is a test"
  6:> dexe.debug "You selected: " & dexe.fileOpenDialog( "Pick a File", "C:\" )
  8:> msgbox "all done!"

That should work. You should get a dialog box that asks for a file, and when you pick one it should show you the name including the full path of what you picked. If you hit cancel, you should get back a blank string. If none of that happens, then I'd say there was a problem :)

The purpose of the 'msgbox' dialog at the end of the program is because as soon as the script is done with the exe, it is unloaded, and the dialog (debug) window that opened will be immediately closed and you won't see anything.


This EXE is far from perfect. Please don't expect it to be. However, I am relying on it in a production environment, and the DumontEXE has proven to be quite stable. I wouldn't be relying on it if it wasn't. Commence, all on its own, does exhibit some instability. The DumontEXE doesn't improve that situation. But, alas, it has been a very effective performance enhancing product for me. I hope it is for you also.

This EXE does not benefit from any production-grade testing. For an example of what I mean, read this: I don't do any of those things mentioned in that document (assuming the link still works). If the link doesn't work, what that document says is the SQLITE product is heavily tested. I don't test. At least not the way an application *should* be tested. Then again, if this was a true commercial-grade extension then maybe I'd have the resources to test things properly. I don't. This means if you are going to use this EXE, you are doing so at your own risk.

The source code for this project is available. If you want it just ask. Eventually, if there's enough interest, I'll set up a svn server so folks can download and check-in the latest source. I could sure use the help (hint hint). If you're curious about the source files, look at the documentation files (online at and you'll find links to the source code there.

I am presently working on a DumontEXE project, which will basically provide the same fundamental services as the EXE, except it will be able to provide managed connectivity to multiple open databases at the same time (something that's completely impossible now), as well as user-interface subclassing which basically means the programmer will have access to any user interface component through vbScript. Lofty goals, I know!

Send comments and questions and requests to: or squirt me a message over on the newsgroup server (presently) located at the service.

note: I don't work for freedomcomputing. They just happen to be the best and only place to go for Commence support -- I guess if they're the only place, then that makes them both the best and the worst ;)